Update #1: First Steps

We have some hot fresh fixes to cure some <cough> embarrassing problems with the first release of the game. Through the shear programmatic genius, Brad has corrected a load of items!

Critical Fixes

  • Fixed bug where Gammon fight would be triggered when approaching Ethan to fight.
  • Fixed bug where Gammon would not respawn correctly after losing the fight to his Creature.
  • Fixed bug where Creature would be seen as fighting instead of Gammon on respawn.
  • Fix continue bug where after you quit to title and then press continue the game tries to load the save points twice and loses the loading camera causing a crash.
  • Further cascading bugs with Gammon/Creature (they didn't really show me any love this past week) where their animations would desync under certain conditions.

Secondary Fixes

  • Fixed invisible cave wall tiles on bridge collapse
  • Fixed bug where player was invulnerable until the player attacked an enemy after finishing a fight mid-swing.
  • Fixed death issue where actors would in certain cases revert back to idle directly from the death state before the death state has finished.
  • Added loading message between title screen and main menu when the save files and such are being read.
  • Made intro cut scenes skippable by pressing space, esc, or action keys on the keyboard and any key on the gamepad.
  • Camera now centers on player during dialogue & is framed.
  • All sprites in Lo post-combat scene are now visible.

Still Pending

  • Returning from game to title screen causes black screen or frozen animations on menu.
  • Returning from game to title screen to game cause the game to crash in certain instances.
  • Quitting the game from a menu crashes on the steam build.
  • Changing resolution/fullscreen/windowed causes the UI raycasting to shift out of place even though it is visually preserved. Restarting the game fixes this until changes are again made.
  • Resolution list in options displays the wrong resolution for the currently selected res.
  • Trying to use doorways & dialog sometimes requires pressing the action button multiple times or holding it down.
  • On some machines, the player is slowed down on ramps and stairs.
  • Mysterious process swap bug (On windows, the game icon seems to be swapped out and the game skips frames)
  • Gammon’s combat audio breaks during this fight.
  • Various other tweaks, fixes, and game balances. We crushing them as fast as we can!
  • There is a memory leak that causes a crash when the game is left open on the menu.

Please continue to share your feedback and issues. There is a log file located in the the Data folder that accompanies the game in your steam install. Including that file with all bug reports aids us greatly!



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Aug 08, 2017

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