Update #2: Mayhem, Blood and Bugs!

You're likely to see some major improvements with this new patch for
Deadly Edge, and it won't be the last! We've got some fixes for
downright game-breaking bugs and a load of great improvements.

Our goal for the next patch is even more extensive, so stay tuned! Oh, and good luck with Loth - he's boss even for a boss.

~~Game Tips~~ Rush Combo: light, light, heavy

Critical Fixes

  • Fixed bug where Unknown would teleport the player into space.
  • Fixed colliders on Kladen Mountain cliff edges, player will no longer fall into the abyss or at least Under Kladen.

Secondary Fixes

  • Adjusted the size of all dialog and lore interactions.
  • Fixed strange animations when enemies block.
  • Fixed music cut-off on BK and Intro Credits.
  • Removed bandit between Kladen Mountain and Under Kladen.
  • Added breaking sound to a certain bridge somewhere.
  • Fixed "curse" blocker in Loth battle.
  • Fixed many of the interaction cues, many were not showing up for the player.

Still Pending

  • Returning from game to title screen causes black screen or frozen animations on menu.
  • Returning from game to title screen to game cause the game to crash in certain instances.
  • Quitting the game from a menu crashes on the steam build.
  • Changing resolution/fullscreen/windowed causes the UI raycasting to shift out of place even though it is visually preserved. Restarting the game fixes this until changes are again made.
  • Resolution list in options displays the wrong resolution for the currently selected res.
  • Trying to use doorways & dialog sometimes requires pressing the action button multiple times or holding it down.
  • On some machines, the player is slowed down on ramps and stairs.
  • Mysterious process swap bug (On windows, the game icon seems to be swapped out and the game skips frames)
  • Gammon’s combat audio breaks during this fight.
  • Various other tweaks, fixes, and game balances. We crushing them as fast as we can!
  • There is a memory leak that causes a crash when the game is left open on the menu.

Please continue to share your feedback and issues. There is a log file located in the the Data folder that accompanies the game in your steam install. Including that file with all bug reports aids us greatly!


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